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Advocacy Arrangements at St Marys

At each AGM of the St Marys RSL sub-Branch, members reconsider and, over many years, renew its arrangement with the St Marys Outpost, Veterans Support Centre (The Train) to perform the Advocacy function for members and needy veterans on behalf of the RSL sub-Branch. While the Veterans Support Centre is supported largely by our RSL sub-Branch, it is managed day-to-day by the Vietnam Veterans Association, many members of which are also members of St Marys RSL sub-Branch. A very close relationship exists between the two ex-service organisations.


The duties and responsibilities of the Pension Officer is to ensure that every claimant receives all of the entitlements that they are LEGALLY entitled to. His/her responsibility is to present the claimants case in the best and most professional manner while ensuring that to the best of their knowledge all matters are factual.

St Marys Outpost Veterans Support Centre

At the Outpost they ensure that every Pension Officer is trained to the standards required by the Department of Veteran Affairs and the RSL. Only when a Pension Officer has completed the necessary training and has undergone a vigorous oversite process by a Senior Pension Officer (mentor) are they then allowed to conduct full interviews and lodgement of claims. Regular training review sessions are held to keep all officers up to date with the latest changes to the various ACTs under which the Department of Veteran Affairs work. They also conduct regular meetings to review cases and improve both knowledge base as well as over all skill levels.

What ACTs of Parliament are Covered?

Claims can be made under various ACTs of Parliament depending on the service history of the claimant. These include:

•  Defence Service Homes ACT 1918
•  Veterans Entitlement ACT 1986
•  Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation ACT 1988
•  Military Compensation ACT 1994
•  Military Rehabilitation and Compensation ACT 2004
•  Military rehabilitation and Compensation ACT {Consequential and transitional Provisions} ACT 2004

In addition all of the Veterans Support Centre staff are fully versed in the requirements of both the freedom of Information ACT 1982 and the Privacy ACT 1988.

Who Are Covered?

The St Marys Outpost Veterans Support Centre is dedicated to supplying the best coverage to ALL service men and women regardless of where or when they served. So whether it be Korea, Vietnam, Malaya, Borneo, Rwanda, Iraq, Afghanistan, East Timor, the Solomon Islands or any of the other wars, peace keeping or peacemaking rolls that Australia has been involved in, or for any condition/illness/injury associated with service in Australia (this includes service by Army Reserve personnel), they will give the best service possible and AT NO COST TO YOU. They are also of course fully conversant with the requirements for War Widows under which ever of the ACTs the claim might fall. They have a team of "volunteer" and salaried Pension Officers/Advocates second to none in NSW.

Their professional delegates can also cover any appeal that may have to be lodged with the Veterans Review Board [VRB].

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